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West Wave

west wave

Sea of Pleasure.

West Wave was created as a project group for people's happiness and joy.
Like comfortable clothes, their music can be enjoyed every moment.
They try to complete the project with trendy sounds, sensibilities that span generations, and various voices
that go well with various sensibilities.

Park Jae-sung and Lee Chang-hoon start together.
Park Jae-sung is an artist who used to be a producer of the world-famous steady seller 'Sid Story' and the popular game 'Inotia Chronicles',
and infuses emotions into songs,
while Lee Chang-hoon is receiving worldwide attention with singles 'Your Own', 'Moment', and 'Free Falling'.
And completes the sound of the project.

The first single track expresses hope for a dream with a light and happy sound.
West Wave cheers the heart toward hope through this song.



BoySam is a music producer and singer/songwriter in the POP/electronic/melodic bass genre.

Having spent four years of his teenage years in California, he heard the music of Daft Punk (Daft Punk) in the United States
and was greatly inspired to create music.
Since 2017, he has been active as a DJ duo called "Almost Perfect"
and started to build a full-fledged career in music.

He performed on the stage of clubs "Chroma", "EDC", "World DJ Festival" and others.

He wants to show his true self through music, and says that if his music can move even one person's heart,
he will continue to do music until the end.